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The CA3 group is composed of a research and development team and a group of qualified scientific advisors directly involved in R&D projects where CA3 is a partner.
Past Events
5 - 9 October -2015 Participation in organizing the Coimbra Solar Physics Meeting, "Ground-based Solar Observations in the Space Instrumentation Era" Coimbra, Portugal.
2014.01.27 Collaboration agreement with Slovak Central Observatory, Hubanovo, Slovakia (started 27 Jan 2014)
2014.03.05 Conference organised within the context of the PoVeRE project
"Critical Health interested in Software developed in the Scope of Ph.D. Thesis of our Researcher André Damas Mora" André Damas Mora
Reportagem com a Prof. Rita Ribeiro na Rúbrica Mundo Novo da TSF Prof. Rita Ribeiro
2012.06.08 The CAF-S project Márcio Sousa
2012.06.06 The OPAX project Andreia Silveira
2012.01.11 Human Factors, Logistics & Sensor Technology in Emergency Management Prof. Isabel Nunes
2011.06.23 EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems Prof. Rita Ribeiro is a co-organizer.
2011.06.08 BrainMap - Ideas Behind the Scenes
In the seminar it will be presented the major ideas behind the development of the Brainmap project.
It will briefly present the main theoretical aspects as well as some of the options taken so far.

Date and Time: 8 June 2011 14h:30m
Local: Meeting Room of UNINOVA
Speaker Luís Teixeira
2011.02.16 "SIFT/SURF Image Analysis" Miguel Gomes (Uninova / CA3)
2011.02.09 "Snake-driven PSO Model" Ehsan Shahamatnia (Uninova / CA3)
2011.02.02 "in silico Variations on a Theme by Darwin: Old Problems and New Solutions in Plant Biology " Amir Assadi (UW Madison, USA)
2008.10.06 "Introduction to Fuzzy Decision Making"
2008.09.22 Visit from the CAST (China Academy of Space Technology)
2008.07.23 "Affordable all-terrain service robots" Pedro Santana (IntRoSys)
2008.06.18 “Data Transformation and loading in terrain hardness recognition” Bruno Santos (Uninova / CA3)
2008.04.02 "Gaia - a Missão, o DPAC e o CU7" Abel Pinto (FCT/UNL)
2008.05.28 "Riscos Eléctricos - Conceitos. Efeitos fisiológicos da corrente eléctrica" Abel Pinto (FCT/UNL)
2008.05.19 Presidential Visit with the Presidente of the Republic Cavaco Silva and Minister of Science Mariano Gago.
2008.05.14 "IMPACTED and related aggregation operators" Tiago Pais (Uninova / CA3)
2008.04.30 "Unsupervised Classification for Large Data Sets" Tiago Simas (Uninova / CA3)
2008.04.16 “Drilling rocks: data extraction” Gonçalo Martins (Uninova / CA3)
2008.04.02 "Gaia - a Missão, o DPAC e o CU7" André Moitinho (OAL/FCUL)
2008.03.12 “Optimizing number of functions in linguistic variables” Margarida Gomes (Uninova / CA3)
2008.02.27 “Selecting landing sites for spacecraft” Tiago Pais (Uninova / CA3)
2008.01.30 "Complex Networks - Part I" Tiago Simas (Uninova / CA3)
2008.01.16 “CERTAIN - Reporting Tool: ongoing project presentation” António Falcão & Bruno Miranda (Uninova / CA3)
2006.05.29 NOMDIS presentation Paulo Serra (Uninova / CA3)
2005.12.19 Nanotechnology presentation Prof. Rui Lobo
2005.11.26 2ª Edição Forum Portugal no Espaço (Pavilhão do Conhecimento Parque das Nações)
2005.09.30 DAMTAM - DAta Mining Techniques Applied to Mission operations presentation Cláudio Coelho (FCT / UNL)
2005.02.04 Data Mining - An overview and practical examples Prof. Marta Zorrila (Politechnic University of Madrid, Spain)
2004.12.10 Analise Semi-metrica de redes de documentos: aplicacoes a redes sociais e biologicas Prof. Luis Mateus Rocha (School of Informatics, Indiana University, USA)
By Ivan Dorotovic - Post-Doc at CA3 and Coimbra Astronomical Observatory
2005.09.07 Turbulence in the Solar Wind and the Earth's Magnetosphere
2004.03.31 Solar Physics related Space Missions
2004.02.16 Space Weather
2004.02.09 Solar Activity
2004.01.07 Solar Atmosphere
2003.11.19 The Sun - Introduction
2003.10.24 Hurbanovo Observatory

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