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The CA3 group is composed of a research and development team and a group of qualified scientific advisors directly involved in R&D projects where CA3 is a partner.

We also have a variable number of visiting scientists and collaborators working with us. The former member section has previous group members.

Luís Correia (Ph.D.) - Scientific Advisors
Ph.D. in Computer Science ("Behavior Based Autonomous Vehicles - a decision control model") from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1995PAPCC (M.Sc. equiv.) in Computer Science ("Communications in Robotic Environments") from FCT - Universidade Nova de Lisboa, 1987B.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Technical University of Lisbon - IST (Instituto Superior Técnico / Universidade Técnica de Lisboa), Portugal, 1982

Associate Professor at the Computer Science Department (DI - Departamento de Informática) of FC/UL (Faculdade de Ciências / Universidade de Lisboa)

Research Interests
Autonomous Vehicles; Behaviour Based Architectures; Artificial Life
Current Projects
  • EEII, Senior Researcher
  • CESADS, Scientific Advisor
Selected Publications
All Publications
Review of papers for the conferences:
  • Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference (GECCO 02), (GECCO 01) (GECCO 00) (GECCO 99);
  • ROBOTICA2002 -Festival Nacional de Robótica (2002);
  • 2002 ACM Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC 99) (SAC 02);
  • Fourth International Conference on Autonomous Agents (Agents 2000);
  • Third European Workshop on Evolutionary Robotics (EvoRobot2000);
  • Encontro Português de Computação Móvel (EPCM99);
  • 9th Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence (EPIA 99);
  • IEEE International Conference on Industrial Electronics, Control and Instrumentation (IECON'99).
Some publications:
  • Traffic Management - A Multi-Agent System Approach, Paulo Monteiro and Luís Correia (1999)
    IEEE LANOMS'99, Latin American Network Operations and Management Symposium, Rio de Janeiro, RJ - Brasil, Dec/3-5
  • Fuzzy Behaviors and Behavior Arbitration in Autonomous Vehicles, António Abreu and Luís Correia (1999)
    EPIA - Portuguese Conference on Artificial Intelligence, 21-24 de Setembro , Évora, Portugal, Sep/21-24, Springer
  • Navigation using Behaviours for Space Representation, Luís Correia (1999)
  • Populations are Multisets - PLATO, Fernando Moura-Pires, Luís Correia and Joaquim N. Aparício (1999)
    GECCO - Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, Orlando, FA - USA, Jul/14-17, Morgan Kaufmann
  • Towards engineered evolutionary robotics, Luís Correia (1999)
  • Multiagents and pollutant monitoring, João Seco; Carlos Pinto-Ferreira and Luís Correia (1998)
    IBERAMIA'98 - Ibero-American Conference on Artificial Intelligence, Lisboa - Portugal, Oct/6-9
  • Adaptive Telecommunication Network Traffic Control - A Multi-Agent System Approach, Paulo Monteiro and Luís Correia (1998)
    Second Ibero-American Workshop on DAI and Multiagent Systems, Toledo - Spain, Oct/1-2
  • A Society of Agents in Environmental Monitoring, João Seco; Carlos Pinto-Ferreira and Luís Correia (1998)
    SAB'98 - Simulation of Adaptive Behavior, Zurich - Switzerland, Aug/17-21
  • A Useful Autonomous Vehicle with a Hierarchical Behavior Control, Luís Correia and A. Steiger-Garção (1995)
    ECAL'95 European Conference on Artificial Life, Granada - Spain, Jun/4-6
  • An AUV SImulator for Test and development of a Behavior Based Architecture, Luís Correia and A. Steiger-Garção (1993)
    Workshop on Autonomous Underwater Vehicles, Porto - Portugal, Sep/1-3
  • Behavior based architecture with distributed selection, Luís Correia and A. Steiger-Garção (1993)
    NATO-ASI The Biology and Technology of Intelligent Autonomous Systems, Trento - Italy, Mar/1-3

Scientific Advisors
Luis.Correia@di.fc.ul.pt Depto. de Informática (C6, Office: 6.3.7)Faculdade de Ciências / Universidade de Lisboa
+351 217 500 087