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The CA3 group is composed of a research and development team and a group of qualified scientific advisors directly involved in R&D projects where CA3 is a partner.

We also have a variable number of visiting scientists and collaborators working with us. The former member section has previous group members.

Tiago Simas - Research and Development Team
Research Interests
Network Theory, Complex Systems, Graph Theory, Fuzzy Sets, Data Mining, Information Retrieval, Recommender Systems, Internet Development, Cognitive Models, Evolutionary Systems, Genetic Algorithms, Artificial Life, Decision Systems, Neural Networks, Agent-based Modeling.
Current Projects
Peer-Reviewed Publications:
Tiago Simas and Luís Rocha: Stochastic model for scale-free networks with cut-offs. Physical Review E. 78, 066116 [2008].

Weimao Ke, Tiago Simas: Mapping a Local Web Domain. IV 2007: 228-231

Linn Marks Collins, Mark L. B. Martinez, Ketan K. Mane1, James E. Powell, Chad M. Kieffer, Tiago Simas, Susan K. Heckethorn, Kathryn R. Varjabedian, Miriam E. Blake and Richard E. Luce: Collaborative eScience libraries. International Journal on Digital Libraries. Springer Berlin. Online publication. [2007]

Rocha, L.M., T. Simas, A. Rechtsteiner, M. DiGiacomo, R. Luce [2005]. "MyLibrary@LANL: Proximity and Semi-metric Networks for a Collaborative and Recommender Web Service". In: Proc. 2005 IEEE/WIC/ACM International Conference on Web Intelligence (WI'05), IEEE Press, pp. 565-571.

Verspoor, K., J. Cohn, C. Joslyn, S. Mniszewski, A. Rechtsteiner, L.M. Rocha, T. Simas [2005]. "Protein Annotation as Term Categorization in the Gene Ontology using Word Proximity Networks". BMC Bioinformatics, 6(Suppl 1):S20. doi:10.1186/1471-2105-6-S1-S20.

Tiago Simas e Rita Ribeiro, [2001]. “Voice Recognition Using a Fuzzy Multiple Attribute Model”, Revista de Investigação Operacional, vol.21, pp. 93-105.

Tiago Simas; Gabriel Silva; Bruno Miranda; Andre Moitinho; Rita Ribeiro: Knowledge Discovery in Large Data Sets. CLASSIFICATION AND DISCOVERY IN LARGE ASTRONOMICAL SURVEYS: Proceedings of the International Conference: ``Classification and Discovery in Large Astronomical Surveys''. AIP Conference Proceedings, Volume 1082, pp. 196-200 [2008].

Tiago Simas, Bharat Dravid and Luis Rocha: Transitivity in Weighted Graphs: Effects on the Topology of Knowledge and Social Networks. JSM [2007] Accepted.

Tiago Simas e Rita Ribeiro, [2001]. “Number Recognition Using a Fuzzy Decision Method”, EURO Summer Institute (ESI) XIX - Decision Analysis and Artificial Intelligence- Toulouse, France.

Tiago Simas, T2E3, [2000] “Reconhecimento de Vogais Utilizando um Método de Decisão Multiatributo Difuso”, 9º Congress da Associação Portuguesa de Investigação Operacional, APDIO 2000.

Carlos Vianna, Miran Vrhovac, Tiago Simas, E [1999], Report on Information for Maintenance and life Management of Critical Industrial Equipments: A Practical Solution, 25º Seminar of Equipment Inspection presented at COTEQ 99.

Technical Reports:
Rocha, L.M. , T.Simas, A. Retchsteiner, C.F. Huang, and E. Gavrilov [2003]. “Active Recommendation Project Recommendation Algorithms for the Mylibrary Portal ". LAUR 03-7357.

Verspoor, K., T. Simas, C. Joslyn, A. Rechtsteiner, S. Mniszewski, J. Cohn, and L.M. Rocha [2003]. “Text Mining for Bioinformatics ". LAUR 03-8898

Simas, T. [2003]. "Python Scripts to Automate the Processes of URL Extraction from the Data of Mylibrary and Matrix's Generation PxI, PIP, and IPP ". LAUR 03-7262

Research Engineer

Edifício CRI/UNINOVA, Sala 1.4
+351 21 294 96 25
+351 21 294 85 27/8/9 (ext. 13741)

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