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The Computational Intelligence Research group of UNINOVA (CA3) main mission is to actively participate in applied research, supported by projects, by defining new concepts, methods and algorithms capable of solving real-world problems
Monitoring - early warning
In our view "monitoring" is the task of checking measurable variables deviations and generation of alarms for supporting decision processes (i.e. decision support instead of decision making). In this research topic we focus on monitoring tools, based on inference systems (sometimes also called knowledge-based systems or expert system), designed for supporting human operators in uncertain contexts.

Classical Inference Systems (non-fuzzy) are computerized systems that employ human knowledge on a given domain, captured in software, to solve problems from that specific domain. When we extend the classical inference to the fuzzy logic domain we have the added value of being able to represent imprecision and to perform approximate reasoning within uncertain environments, thus creating flexible and adaptable systems. This is the research scope in this topic.

CA3 Relevant papers in this topic are (for more papers and downloads see publication section):

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