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Duration: 15 months
Starting date: November 2005
Status: Concluded
Project Contact:
António Falcão

Scientific Advisors:
João Paulo Pimentão, Pedro Sousa, Rita Ribeiro

CERTAIN - CryoSat Event Reporting Tool for Analysis and Investigation - Past Research Projects
Project Summary
CryoSat is the first of the ESA “Earth Explorer” missions, designed to measure changes in the Earth’s land and marine ice cover. CryoSat (along with the GOCE mission) is also the first of the ESA missions relying on Spacecraft Operators single shift per day for monitoring and control tasks during the routine phase. CryoSat is a low earth orbit satellite, visible for approximately 10 minutes every 100 minutes from the Kiruna ground station (the only GS used for this mission) and completes approximately 14 orbits per day. Of these, roughly 10-11 are visible from the Kiruna ground station. Due to the non-sun-synchronous orbit and the fact that SPACON coverage is not 24 hours, not all of the passes are manned in the control room. Because of this, some events may occur in the non-manned periods that can go unnoticed and potentially lead to problems.

The main objective of this project consists in the development of a flexible reporting tool to provide the CryoSat Flight Control Team with status summary reports for the mission, describing events, performance and the S/C status during non-manned periods. Further, it will provide, when available, diagnosis evaluations of the inference result as well as remote alarms notification (via e-mail, SMS) to an on-call operator.

Research Areas
  • Rule-Based Systems / Knowledge Based Systems
  • Web-based reporting systems


Apoio FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia no âmbito da Unidade de Investigação CTS - Centro de Tecnologia e Sistemas, referência UID/EEA/00066/2013