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Duration: 24 months
Starting date: April 2015
Project Contact:
Antonio Falcão


GAVIDAV - Gaia Added-Value Interface for Data Visualisation
Project Summary
"Online and interactive visual exploration of the Gaia data archive "

Scientific discovery greatly benefits from the ability to interactively visualise, cross identify and select objects or sets of objects in multiple representations in an easy manner.

In this context, the enormous size of the Gaia archive (link: http://sci.esa.int/gaia/ ) and its breath-taking information content pose important challenges to the archive builders, AVI developers and end users.

GAVIDAV lies between the user and the archive and is integrated in the GAVIP - Gaia AVI Portal.

Research Topics
  • Visual analytics
  • Data exploration

Apoio FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia no âmbito da Unidade de Investigação CTS - Centro de Tecnologia e Sistemas, referência UID/EEA/00066/2013