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Status: Concluded
Project Contact:
Rita Ribeiro

HR-PET - High Resolution PET - Past Research Projects
Project Summary
The field of nuclear medicine fully depends on the ability to accurately reconstruct the internal structure of the human body starting from few detections of radioactive decay events, with a clear correlation between image resolution and radiation exposure: higher doses or acquisition times correspond to clearer pictures, but also represent increased risks for the patient.

The aim of this project is to apply Soft Computing ideas and methods to push the current limit and develop new reconstruction techniques that will provide higher resolution images without requiring risky exams.
Research Areas
  • Soft Computing and Aggregation Functions
  • Medical Imaging

Apoio FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia no âmbito da Unidade de Investigação CTS - Centro de Tecnologia e Sistemas, referência UID/EEA/00066/2013