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Duration: 7 months (starting date: August 2007)
Status: Concluded
Project Contact:
Rita Ribeiro
Tiago Pais

Scientific Advisors:
Rita Ribeiro

Technical Officer:
Yannick Devouassoux

IMPACTED - Intelligent Mathematical Processing for Autonomous and Consistent Trajectory Elaboration & Decision - Past Research Projects
Project Summary
The goal of the piloting function of a planetary soft lander is to provide the trajectory planning function with an adequate target landing site. The site adequacy is evaluated with respect to a set of requirements:
  • the site should be safe in terms of maximum local slope, light level and terrain roughness;
  • the site should be reachable with the available fuel;
  • the site should be visible from the camera along the descent phase;
  • the site should have a high scientific interest.

The main objective of this project is to develop an autonomous, dynamic and adaptable multi-criteria model to choose the best candidate landing site. This model will be based in existing fuzzy multi-criteria approaches [Chen & Hwang 1992] in terms of knowledge representation, but it will be extended to answer the specific requirements of being autonomous, dynamic and adaptable.

We will develop a prototype in Matlab including the modules described in Figure 1. The prototype will be used with case studies provided by ASTRIUM (e.g. Moon, Mars, Mercury). In order to test and validate our approach the tests and validation will consider the following aspects:

  • The understandability of the concept design decision algorithm;
  • Expected/simulated performances (computational load is critical for real-time);
  • Preliminary tests (small examples) and trade-offs; - a set of roughly 10 cases will be provided : different terrains and trajectories.
  • The required output information: ranked alternative sites and information about the values of the criteria for each site.
Proposed Architecture

Research Areas
  • Fuzzy multicriteria decision making
  • Aggregation operators

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Pais, T. C., Ribeiro, R. A., Devouassoux, Y., and Reynaud, S. (2008b). Regions rating for selecting spacecraft landing sites. In Ruan, D., Montero, J., Lu, J., Martínez, L., D'hondt, P., and Kerre, E. E., editors, Computational Intelligence in Decision and Control - Proceedings of the 8th International FLINS Conference, volume 1 of World Scientifc Proceedings Series on Computer Engineering and Information Science. World Scientific.


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