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Duration: 2018-2019
Status: Ongoing
Project Contact: jmf@uninova.pt bf.veiga@campus.fct.unl.pt

Financing: -

Partners:Center for Infertility and Medically Assisted Reproduction (CIRMA) at Hospital Garcia de Orta, UNINOVA

In Vitro
Project Summary

The main aim of this project is to develop a validated model that estimates the chance of live birth on couples before they start their in vitro treatment (IVF and ICSI).

Traditional statistic analysis approach and data mining techniques will be executed on clinical data from Garcia de Orta's Hospital.

The dataset includes clinical and lifestyle variables such as woman's and man's age or antral follicles count. As the literature suggests, this project will focus on logistic regression and decision trees.

The main challenge is to produce an accurate model that can provide a user-friendly clinical interface.

Apoio FCT – Fundação para a Ciência e a Tecnologia no âmbito da Unidade de Investigação CTS - Centro de Tecnologia e Sistemas, referência UID/EEA/00066/2013